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Disney "Entitlement" Card


The Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane picks are made on the Tip Board. Even from home, you can check the availability of rides on any given day because it displays the most recent time windows for each shows and attractions.

Entitlement cards are show and attraction cards that reside on the tipboard  and serve as an entry point for guests to reserve an experience, monitor standby wait times, or join a virtual queue.

Ideation, sketching, prototyping,

accessibility , quality assurance and documentation




Guest are confused by the booked indicator on tip board they believe the time being shown is the time they booked when in fact it is the next available time being offered.

Design Question

How might we address confusion around the time shown next to booked experience.

How might we add capabilities for guests to view  and act on their booked plans from the Tip board.

Mobile application
The Process

I began by identifying all of the needed copy and interaction that occurs on each entitlement card. We rapidly realized that there would not be enough room on the title card to graphically explain what is required when going through this procedure. Following discovery of this obstacle and discussion with our product management team, it was determined that this project would have to be done in two parts.

  1. Time represent the next available time to book next attraction

  2. Tapping on image takes guest to attraction info screen

  3. informing Guest Experience has been good

  4. CTA for guest to book for other members of party


Phase One

The present version would still be used in all interactions.The entitlement cards' styling was modified by shifting all CTAs to the upper right corner of titles. This is true for both booked and unbooked states. Once the title has been booked, a green background color has been put to it. The "Booked" indication now shows a green check mark next to the time that is left aligned. The time specified for the booked experience is now the guest return time that must be redeemed. 

Purchased state

Focus state when Guest taps on tile

Group 467.png
Phase Two

The word "Book Another" had been replaced with an ellipsis. When a guest touches ellipsis, a half stack with numerous CTAs appears, giving the guest more control over what they want to do next.

Happy Path 

In Summary 

by visually enhancing the Entitlement card and providing guests with more control functions to act upon after an attraction has been booked, the overall confusion has been reduced and the guest experience has been significantly improved.

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