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Disney Genie Service
        " Modification"


Disney Genie service is a complimentary services located in the My Disney Experience app that cultivates a personalized itinerary inspired by your party’s top interests and helps you enjoy more of the magic during your theme park visit .

Disney Genie+ service lets you use Lightning Lane entrances at select attractions and experiences. On average, Guests can enter 2 to 3 attractions or experiences per day using Lightning Lane entrances if the first selection is made early in the day.

The Objective: 

Creating and deploying an upgrade to all Disney Parks' mobile applications, allowing guest more control  and making it an overall easy experience for customers.

The Process: 

Since our pattern flow doesn't allow guest to modify any service after booking only to cancel. I began by evaluating our present flows and determining how we might add an entry point to change them. Following my decision, I begin drawing out a happy path for the new flow. Once i achieved the flows, I started working on low to high quality designs for the new states that would assist guests. 



Mobile Applications :

Ideation, accessibility , quality assurance and documentation



When a visitor touches the ellipsis and half stack within the numerous CTAs on the tip board entitlement card, the entry point for modification is shown. I created a slimmer version of the tip board. There will be headers on this mini tip board that split the activities into modify time or attractions. The ellipsis is replaced with the CTA "swipe for this time" or "swipe for this experience."

I also created a visual playback to our review detail pages to ensure that guests are aware of the experience they are swiping out.This allows you to see how changes are being made before they are verified.

Happy Path: 

In Summary

By incorporating the feature that enables guests to modify their attractions, they can now exercise greater control over the planning of their day. This newfound freedom has elevated the level of user experience and flexibility that guests enjoy when using the Genie Plus service. Best of all, guests are still able to optimize their day without any hindrance.

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